omoa will arrive soon

I still write documentation and fix the most embarrassing bugs, but soon and very soon omoa will be introduced to the public. Hang on. I am talking about days, not weeks.

But hey, for now we have a logo at least:

omoa - the open map object archive

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2 Responses to omoa will arrive soon

  1. PM Hut says:

    Why is this post tagged as project management, is omoa a project management tool, or a tool that project managers will use.

    As someone who’s heavily involved in the project management community through PM Hut, I am looking forward to know what it actually is.

    Nice logo by the way!

  2. omoaproject says:

    Hi PM Hut, sorry to mislead you. It is not a PM tool, the post was just filed under the pm category within the project.

    But I am glad you like the logo!

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