Existing Features

  • Visualizes geodata and statistics across platforms using Flash.  Load some Shapfiles and a CSV data table and create a thematic map.
  • Works from all web servers – great if you don’t have a map server or GIS data base running or no server-side scripting enabled.
  • Allows thematic mapping with infinite flexibility. Symbols define properties (color, size, shape, alpha, angle, number of tails per dog symbol etc.) that can be controlled by any fixed value, statistical data value or even the result of a number crunching classification process.
  • Data model handles multi-dimensional statistical data.

Coming Soon

  • more file formats
  • more symbols
  • legends
  • tile layer (for bing, yahoo, google maps etc.)

Constraints / limitations

  • all data must have the same map projection (see Roadmap)
  • raster layer tile limitations from Flash (see BitmapData Class)


  • Port to haxe and NME? This would allow for C/C++ and Javascript development.
  • map projections