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data — Property, class org.omoa.datamodel.DataModel
data — Property, class org.omoa.datamodel.GenericDataModel
data — Property, class org.vanrijkom.far.FarItem
Item file data, as loaded thus far from the archive.
dataDescription — Property, class org.omoa.classification.AbstractClassification
dataDescription — Property, class org.omoa.classification.Value
dataDescription — Property, interface org.omoa.framework.ISymbolPropertyManipulator
datamodel(name:String) — method, class org.omoa.Map
DataModel — class, package org.omoa.datamodel
DataModel(id:String) — Constructor, class org.omoa.datamodel.DataModel
dataModels — Property, class org.omoa.Map
datum — Property, class org.omoa.framework.SymbolProperty
Datum — class, package org.omoa.framework
This class stores the DataModel value that can be found under a Description; example: Datum.value = 30145, Datum.description.toString()="GERMANY.FEMALE.1989.GDP".
Datum() — Constructor, class org.omoa.framework.Datum
DatumQuery — class, package org.omoa.classification
This class fetches a value from a DataModel and stores it in the selectedElement property.
DatumQuery(dataDescription:org.omoa.framework:Description) — Constructor, class org.omoa.classification.DatumQuery
DbfError — class, package org.vanrijkom.dbf
Instances of the DbfError class are thrown from the DBF library classes on encountering errors.
DbfError(msg:String, id:int) — Constructor, class org.vanrijkom.dbf.DbfError
DbfField — class, package org.vanrijkom.dbf
The DbfField class parses a field definition from a DBF file loaded to a ByteArray.
DbfField(src:flash.utils:ByteArray) — Constructor, class org.vanrijkom.dbf.DbfField
DbfFilter — class, package org.vanrijkom.dbf
The DbfFilter class is a utility class that allows for collecting records that match on one of the given values for a field.
DbfFilter(src:flash.utils:ByteArray, header:org.vanrijkom.dbf:DbfHeader, field:String, values:Array, append:Array) — Constructor, class org.vanrijkom.dbf.DbfFilter
DbfHeader — class, package org.vanrijkom.dbf
The DbfHeader class parses a DBF file loaded to a ByteArray
DbfHeader(src:flash.utils:ByteArray) — Constructor, class org.vanrijkom.dbf.DbfHeader
DbfRecord — class, package org.vanrijkom.dbf
The DbfRecord class parses a record from a DBF file loade to a ByteArray.
DbfRecord(src:flash.utils:ByteArray, header:org.vanrijkom.dbf:DbfHeader) — Constructor, class org.vanrijkom.dbf.DbfRecord
DbfTools — class, package org.vanrijkom.dbf
The DbfTools class bundles a utility functions used by the remainder of the DBF library.
deactivate — Event, class org.vanrijkom.far.FarStream
EventDispatcher: Dispatched when Flash Player loses operating system focus and is becoming inactive.
decimals — Property, class org.vanrijkom.dbf.DbfField
Field decimals.
deconstruct(sprite:flash.display:Sprite) — method, interface org.omoa.framework.IOverlay
deconstruct(sprite:flash.display:Sprite) — method, class org.omoa.overlay.Gridlines
deconstruct(sprite:flash.display:Sprite) — method, class org.omoa.overlay.PointSymbolOrbit
description() — method, class org.omoa.classification.AbstractClassification
_description — Property, class org.omoa.classification.AbstractClassification
description — Property, class org.omoa.framework.Datum
description() — method, interface org.omoa.framework.IClassification
description — Property, interface org.omoa.framework.ILayer
description — Property, class org.omoa.framework.ModelDimension
description — Property, class org.omoa.framework.SymbolProperty
_description — Property, class org.omoa.layer.AbstractLayer
description — Property, class org.omoa.layer.AbstractLayer
Description — class, package org.omoa.framework
A Description stores a description of a value within a DataModel or a subset of a DataModel; example of a Description: "GERMANY.FEMALE.1989.GDP".
Description(model:org.omoa.framework:IDataModel, propertyDimensions:Vector$org.omoa.framework:ModelDimension, valueDimensions:Vector$org.omoa.framework:ModelDimension, descriptionString:String) — Constructor, class org.omoa.framework.Description
DirectionsSymbol — class, package org.omoa.symbol
A symbol that renders ...
DirectionsSymbol() — Constructor, class org.omoa.symbol.DirectionsSymbol
DISTANCE — Constant Property, class org.omoa.symbol.LabelSymbol
drawPolyShpFile(src:flash.utils:ByteArray, dest:flash.display:Graphics, zoom:Number) — Static Method , class org.vanrijkom.shp.ShpTools
Draw all Polygon Shape records from an ESRI Shapefile using the Flash drawing API.
_dynamicProperties — Property, class org.omoa.symbol.AbstractSymbol
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