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label() — method, class org.omoa.classification.AbstractClassification
_label — Property, class org.omoa.classification.AbstractClassification
label — Property, class org.omoa.classification.ClassificationElement
label() — method, interface org.omoa.framework.IClassification
label — Property, interface org.omoa.framework.IClassificationElement
label(index:int) — method, class org.omoa.framework.ModelDimension
labels — Property, class org.omoa.framework.ModelDimension
LabelSymbol — class, package org.omoa.symbol
A symbol that renders a text Label.
LabelSymbol() — Constructor, class org.omoa.symbol.LabelSymbol
language — Property, class org.vanrijkom.dbf.DbfHeader
Language driver.
layer(name:String) — method, class org.omoa.Map
Returns a layer from the layer pool.
layers — Property, class org.omoa.Map
layoutMapFrames() — method, class org.omoa.Map
Layout all MapFrames (that are child sprites of the map) horizontaly with equal width.
legend — Property, interface org.omoa.framework.ILayer
_legend — Property, class org.omoa.layer.AbstractLayer
legend — Property, class org.omoa.layer.AbstractLayer
_length — Property, class org.omoa.spacemodel.iterator.SimpleIterator
length — Property, class org.vanrijkom.dbf.DbfField
Field lenght.
LinearInterpolateClassification — class, package org.omoa.classification
This class fetches a value from a DataModel and stores the interpolated result value in the selectedElement property.
LinearInterpolateClassification(minValue:Number, minClassValue:Number, maxValue:Number, maxClassValue:Number, dataDescription:org.omoa.framework:Description) — Constructor, class org.omoa.classification.LinearInterpolateClassification
linkDataModel(model:org.omoa.framework:IDataModel, dataDescription:org.omoa.framework:Description) — method, interface org.omoa.framework.ISpaceModel
linkDataModel(model:org.omoa.framework:IDataModel, dataDescription:org.omoa.framework:Description) — method, class org.omoa.spacemodel.SpaceModel
This method creates links between a DataModel and the entities of this SpaceModel.
load(url:String, parameters:Object) — method, class org.omoa.datamodel.AbstractDMLoader
load(url:String, parameters:Object) — method, class org.omoa.datamodel.loader.SMEAttributeDataModel
load(url:String, parameters:Object) — method, class org.omoa.datamodel.loader.Text
load(url:String, parameters:Object) — method, interface org.omoa.framework.IDataModelLoader
load(url:String, parameters:Object) — method, interface org.omoa.framework.ISpaceModelLoader
load(url:String, parameters:Object) — method, class org.omoa.spacemodel.AbstractSMLoader
Implemented by subclass.
load(url:String, parameters:Object) — method, class org.omoa.spacemodel.loader.AsmaSpaceXml
load(url:String, parameters:Object) — method, class org.omoa.spacemodel.loader.RasterSpaceModel
load(url:String, parameters:Object) — method, class org.omoa.spacemodel.loader.Shapefile
load(request:flash.net:URLRequest) — method, class org.vanrijkom.far.FarStream
URLStream: Begins downloading the URL specified in the request parameter.
loaded — Property, class org.vanrijkom.far.FarItem
True if the file data belonfing to this item has fully loaded from the archive.
loaded — Property, class org.vanrijkom.far.FarStream
True if the archive has been fully loaded into memory.
loadedHeader — Property, class org.vanrijkom.far.FarStream
True if the archive's header has been fully loaded.
loadedTable — Property, class org.vanrijkom.far.FarStream
True if the archive's file table has been fully loaded.
loadFromURL(url:String) — method, class org.vanrijkom.far.FarStream
Begins downloading the arhive from the URL specified.
logo — Property, class org.omoa.MapFrame
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