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m — Property, class org.vanrijkom.shp.ShpPointZ
M value (measure)
manipulator — Property, class org.omoa.classification.ClassificationElement
manipulator — Property, interface org.omoa.framework.IClassificationElement
manipulator — Property, class org.omoa.framework.SymbolProperty
Map — class, package org.omoa
This class is the main dispatcher object of an omoa map.
Map() — Constructor, class org.omoa.Map
mapframe(name:String) — method, class org.omoa.Map
Returns a mapframe by name.
MapFrame — class, package org.omoa
A MapFrame, a map may have more than one, is the visible instance of a map on the screen.
MapFrame(map:org.omoa:Map) — Constructor, class org.omoa.MapFrame
mapframeMargin — Property, class org.omoa.Map
mapFrames — Property, class org.omoa.Map
margin — Property, class org.omoa.overlay.PointSymbolOrbit
matches — Property, class org.vanrijkom.dbf.DbfFilter
Array containing DbfRecord typed values that match on one of the given values for a field.
MAX_ATTRIBUTE — Constant Property, class org.omoa.spacemodel.loader.RasterSpaceModel
maxx — Property, class org.omoa.framework.BoundingBox
maxy — Property, class org.omoa.framework.BoundingBox
mdx — Property, class org.vanrijkom.dbf.DbfHeader
DBase IV MDX flag.
MIN_ATTRIBUTE — Constant Property, class org.omoa.spacemodel.loader.RasterSpaceModel
minx — Property, class org.omoa.framework.BoundingBox
miny — Property, class org.omoa.framework.BoundingBox
model — Property, class org.omoa.datamodel.AbstractDMLoader
model — Property, class org.omoa.framework.Description
ModelDimension — class, package org.omoa.framework
This class represents one dimension of a DataModel, examples: "Time" {1999,2000,2001}, "Sex" {male,female}, "Country" {UK,PL,FR}.
ModelDimension(id:String, title:String, unit:String, type:String, codes:Array, labels:Array, isValueDimension:Boolean, description:String, url:String, isRemote:Boolean) — Constructor, class org.omoa.framework.ModelDimension
ModelDimensionType — final class, package org.omoa.framework
This class holds the constants that describe the nature of the statistical data the dimension is representing.
moveCenterByScreenCoordinates(x:Number, y:Number) — method, class org.omoa.MapFrame
moveEast(e:flash.events:Event) — method, class org.omoa.MapFrame
moveNorth(e:flash.events:Event) — method, class org.omoa.MapFrame
moveSouth(e:flash.events:Event) — method, class org.omoa.MapFrame
moveWest(e:flash.events:Event) — method, class org.omoa.MapFrame
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