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OmoaLogo — class, package org.omoa.util
Displays the omoa logo at the bottom of a map frame.
OmoaLogo() — Constructor, class org.omoa.util.OmoaLogo
open — Event, class org.vanrijkom.far.FarStream
URLStream: Dispatched when a load operation starts.
ORDINAL — Constant Static Property, class org.omoa.framework.ModelDimensionType
The dimension describes ordinal data.
org.omoa — package
This is the root package: If you want to USE omoa start here.
org.omoa.classification — package
In the classification package you'll find classes that fetch data from a DataModel and turn them into styles, size or color values.
org.omoa.datamodel — package
The datamodel package contains everything that is involved with non-spatial data: DataModel, ModelDimension, import filters et cetera.
org.omoa.datamodel.loader — package
org.omoa.event — package
Contains event classes that are specific to omoa.
org.omoa.framework — package
This is the omoa extension package: Read this if you want to EXTEND omoa.
org.omoa.layer — package
Contains the layer implementations. The maps in a MapFrame consist of layers.
org.omoa.overlay — package
Not unlike layers overlays can visualize spatial data. The are visualized on top of the map view.
org.omoa.projection — package
The projection package contains the map projection classes... it's quite empty since omoa does not support real time projection at the moment.
org.omoa.spacemodel — package
Contains the classes that are needed to load, store and process spatial data.
org.omoa.spacemodel.iterator — package
org.omoa.spacemodel.loader — package
org.omoa.symbol — package
Contains the symbolization classes that are use, for example, by the symbol layer. Symbols visualize spatial data.
org.omoa.util — package
org.vanrijkom.dbf — package
org.vanrijkom.far — package
org.vanrijkom.shp — package
OUTLINEALPHA — Constant Property, class org.omoa.symbol.PointSymbol
OUTLINEALPHA — Constant Property, class org.omoa.symbol.PointSymbolEntity
OUTLINEALPHA — Constant Property, class org.omoa.symbol.VectorSymbol
OUTLINECOLOR — Constant Property, class org.omoa.symbol.PointSymbol
OUTLINECOLOR — Constant Property, class org.omoa.symbol.PointSymbolEntity
OUTLINECOLOR — Constant Property, class org.omoa.symbol.VectorSymbol
OUTLINEWIDTH — Constant Property, class org.omoa.symbol.PointSymbol
OUTLINEWIDTH — Constant Property, class org.omoa.symbol.PointSymbolEntity
OUTLINEWIDTH — Constant Property, class org.omoa.symbol.VectorSymbol
OutsideBoxIterator — class, package org.omoa.spacemodel.iterator
Iterates over the entities of s SpaceModel that are outside a BoundingBox.
OutsideBoxIterator(entities:Vector$org.omoa.spacemodel:SpaceModelEntity) — Constructor, class org.omoa.spacemodel.iterator.OutsideBoxIterator
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