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path — Property, class org.omoa.spacemodel.SpaceModelEntity
The geometry data of the entity.
PointSymbol — class, package org.omoa.symbol
Simple Symbol that renders a SpaceModelEntities center point as circle or square graphics.
PointSymbol() — Constructor, class org.omoa.symbol.PointSymbol
PointSymbolEntity — class, package org.omoa.symbol
PointSymbolEntity() — Constructor, class org.omoa.symbol.PointSymbolEntity
PointSymbolOrbit — class, package org.omoa.overlay
Visualizes SpaceModelEntities, that are outside the map window, as PointSymbols / PointSymbolEntities in the perimeter of the map frame.
PointSymbolOrbit(id:String, spaceModel:org.omoa.framework:ISpaceModel, symbol:org.omoa.framework:ISymbol) — Constructor, class org.omoa.overlay.PointSymbolOrbit
prepareRender(parentSprite:flash.display:Sprite) — method, interface org.omoa.framework.ISymbol
prepareRender(parentSprite:flash.display:Sprite) — method, class org.omoa.symbol.AbstractSymbol
prepareRender(parentSprite:flash.display:Sprite) — method, class org.omoa.symbol.PointSymbol
prepareRender(parentSprite:flash.display:Sprite) — method, class org.omoa.symbol.VectorSymbol
prepareRender(parentSprite:flash.display:Sprite) — method, class org.omoa.symbol.VectorSymbolEntity
progress — Event, class org.vanrijkom.far.FarItem
Dispatched when file data for this item is being read from the arhive.
progress — Event, class org.vanrijkom.far.FarStream
URLStream: Dispatched when data is received as the download operation progresses.
projection — Property, class org.omoa.MapFrame
projection — Property, interface org.omoa.framework.ISpaceModel
_projection — Property, class org.omoa.spacemodel.SpaceModel
projection — Property, class org.omoa.spacemodel.SpaceModel
propertyDimension(order:int) — method, class org.omoa.datamodel.AbstractDMLoader
propertyDimension(order:int) — method, class org.omoa.datamodel.AbstractDataModel
propertyDimension(order:int) — method, interface org.omoa.framework.IDataModel
propertyDimensionCount() — method, class org.omoa.datamodel.AbstractDMLoader
propertyDimensionCount() — method, class org.omoa.datamodel.AbstractDataModel
propertyDimensionCount() — method, interface org.omoa.framework.IDataModel
propertyDimensions — Property, class org.omoa.datamodel.AbstractDataModel
_propertyIndexes — Property, class org.omoa.symbol.AbstractSymbol
_propertyNames — Property, class org.omoa.symbol.AbstractSymbol
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