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TABLE_COMPLETE — Constant Static Property, class org.vanrijkom.far.FarEvent
Defines the value of the type property of a FarEvent object.
_temporaryDatum — Property, class org.omoa.symbol.AbstractSymbol
Text — class, package org.omoa.datamodel.loader
Text() — Constructor, class org.omoa.datamodel.loader.Text
title — Property, interface org.omoa.framework.ILayer
title — Property, class org.omoa.framework.ModelDimension
_title — Property, class org.omoa.layer.AbstractLayer
title — Property, class org.omoa.layer.AbstractLayer
toString() — method, class org.omoa.datamodel.AbstractDMLoader
toString() — method, class org.omoa.datamodel.AbstractDataModel
toString() — method, class org.omoa.datamodel.DataModel
toString() — method, class org.omoa.datamodel.GenericDataModel
toString() — method, class org.omoa.framework.Datum
toString() — method, class org.omoa.framework.Description
toString() — method, interface org.omoa.framework.IDataModel
toString() — method, class org.omoa.spacemodel.SpaceModelEntity
_transform — Property, class org.omoa.symbol.AbstractSymbol
transformation — Property, class org.omoa.MapFrame
type — Property, class org.omoa.classification.AbstractClassification
type — Property, class org.omoa.classification.Value
type() — method, interface org.omoa.framework.IDataModelIterator
type — Property, interface org.omoa.framework.ILayer
type() — method, interface org.omoa.framework.ISpaceModelIterator
type — Property, interface org.omoa.framework.ISymbolPropertyManipulator
type — Property, class org.omoa.framework.ModelDimension
type — Property, class org.omoa.framework.SymbolProperty
_type — Property, class org.omoa.layer.AbstractLayer
type — Property, class org.omoa.layer.AbstractLayer
type() — method, class org.omoa.spacemodel.AbstractIterator
type() — method, class org.omoa.spacemodel.NullIterator
_type — Property, class org.omoa.spacemodel.SpaceModel
type — Property, class org.vanrijkom.dbf.DbfField
Field type.
type — Property, class org.vanrijkom.shp.ShpObject
Type of this Shape object.
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