This is the omoa extension package: Read this if you want to EXTEND omoa.

 IClassification A classification fetches a value from a datamodel and transforms it into a a symbol property manipulator.
 IClassificationElement This describes one class within a classification.
 IDataModel Implemetations of this interface store statistical, better non-spatial, data.
 IDataModelIterator [PURE VIRTUAL BY NOW] Implementations of this interface iterate over a (subset of a) DataModel.
 IDataModelLoader Implementations of this class provide a DataModel with content.
 ILayer Implementations of this interface provide a visualization of a SpaceModel in a MapFrame.
 ILegend [PURE VIRTUAL BY NOW] Implementation of this class provide an explanation of, yeah, what?
 IOverlay Implementaions of this interface provide a visualization of a SpaceModel on top of all other layers in a MapFrame, example: a coordinate grid.
 IProjection [PURE VIRTUAL BY NOW] Interface for purely "descriptive" projections.
 IProjectionDynamic [PURE VIRTUAL BY NOW] Interface for "real" projections that are able to reproject points in space.
 ISpaceModel Implementations of this interface store (or process) spatial data.
 ISpaceModelIterator Implementations of this class iterate over the entities (or a subset of entities) of a ISpaceModel.
 ISpaceModelLoader The interface for the SpaceModel loader functionality
 IStyle [PURE VIRTUAL BY NOW] This interface is an extension to the ISymbolPropertyManipulator interface and stores number of properties / parameters.
 ISymbol Implementations of this interface are responsible for the visualization of SpaceModel(Entities) for example inside a SymbolLayer.
 ISymbolPropertyManipulator Implementations of this interface are able to change the properties of a symbol and store a value or a style; value or style may be static or may change dynamically.
 BoundingBox This class is an extension of flash.geom.Rectangle and provides a min and max values for an rectangle [still thinking about turning back to the Rectangle class for the sake of memory].
 Datum This class stores the DataModel value that can be found under a Description; example: Datum.value = 30145, Datum.description.toString()="GERMANY.FEMALE.1989.GDP".
 Description A Description stores a description of a value within a DataModel or a subset of a DataModel; example of a Description: "GERMANY.FEMALE.1989.GDP".
 GeometryType The types of geometry that exist inside omoa.
 ModelDimension This class represents one dimension of a DataModel, examples: "Time" {1999,2000,2001}, "Sex" {male,female}, "Country" {UK,PL,FR}.
 ModelDimensionType This class holds the constants that describe the nature of the statistical data the dimension is representing.
 SymbolProperty ...